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Date start06.26.2023 12:00 PM
Date end06.26.2023 02:00 PM
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Important Notice Regarding Your Payment- If you are paying to attend a Gotham meeting as a guest, please contact the group coordinator.

Payment does not guarantee attendance. You must receive clearance from the group coordinator before attending any group meeting.

Please note that fees paid to Gotham (including, membership, lunch, events, etc.) are not refundable.

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Gotham Encores

A group dedicated to supporting those of us who are ready to take the plunge away from a "total" work focus.


Let's discuss how the group can help us find a way to make this exciting stage rewarding and satisfying as we discuss wellness, culture, travel, mentoring, volunteering, food, financial security, and a host of other issues.


Contact Odey Raviv for your Zoom link.

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