TitleBusiness Seminar: Consumers Want X and Professionals Offer Y: How Can They Come Together?
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Date start04.14.2021 12:00 PM (3 Days Ago)
Date end04.14.2021 01:30 PM (3 Days Ago)
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A Gotham Business Seminar
sponsored by
Raj Goel and Brainlink International Inc.

Presented by
Carol Schiro Greenwald

Consumers Want X and Professionals Offer Y: How Can They Come Together?


When consumers look to hire a professional they do research on the Internet. They assume that your online image is equivalent to how you will be if they hire you. So, they are looking not only for experience but also for collegiality, fixed costs, an explanation of the process necessary to resolve their problem, etc. I will review consumers’ demands and suggest ways to amend your online profile to meet in the middle.


Please contact Steve Scully for your Zoom link.

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