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So what’s really changed other than the date on the calendar? 2020 was marked by so much uncertainty – I dare say more than usual – and here we are in 2021.     One of my favorite’s by Sondheim is “With So Little to Be Sure Of” is about being grateful for a beautiful moment in time, “a marvelous moment” despite there being “so little to be sure of.”     We can be certain that the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening.  We can count on Spring following Winter and...
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Last year at this time we headed into the New Year with 2020 vision. Who could have predicted what was in store for us?.   As we head into 2021, we still live in CoronaTimes. Is that changing the way you are looking forward? Has it changed how you think or speak of the upcoming year? This is usually the time for making promises or plans and heading into the new year with resolve. It’s the time for goal setting and “road mapping” – I’ve checked those boxes already irrespecti...
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The question, “how can we help you?” asked most often by Nancy Schess at Gotham meetings was directed a little differently as we closed a Gotham COVID Review a few weeks back. Those are Gotham's magic words.     We are a resilient, creative, caring and hearty group of professionals, managers, owners, entrepreneurs - whatever label signifies “person in charge and responsible for others the business environment.”   We discussed people for whom we are responsible and how they b...
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