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A few weeks ago Fred blogged about his version of “ Afterlife.” The subject fascinated me . And so I’ve decided to put pen to paper and investigate this concept with a deeper dive . Fred , Paul and I have been touching on it superficially over the last few weeks . So here we go . Indulge me if you choose to .     We are talking about that period from which we retire or in other words quit working for the man so to speak and the final curtain.   How do we fill this time and h...
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At 51,000 feet one can begin to discern the curvature of our planet’s surface . From far left to far right you can see 650 miles . The sky is deep blue and the air is still . And so it was 4 years ago as I commanded a Gulfstream Five from Los Angeles to London . 5000 miles on a Great Circle route . Nine hours . A presence . A muffled awareness . A bright ball of light . First on port side . My side . Next straight ahead . Next starboard side . Effortless . Zooming ahead and...
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