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1008 days ago 9 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It’s almost that time. The time you heard about but chose to ignore or disregard because it did not apply to you, to your family. But it does apply, now. Not only do you have to accept it, but also you have to take many proactive steps to make it all happen. You have to shop and pack and prepare your first child for college -- to leave for college, to leave.   Melodramatic? Yes, but it’s not simply the leaving in late August of the given year. It’s not just the leaving, k...
1821 days ago 8 comments Categories: Books Tags:
It started with an offer by Sara Gruen to participate in the Gotham Book Club’s discussion of “Water for Elephants.”  I asked her publicist (via email) if Ms. Gruen would provide a quote about her novel for our upcoming book discussion. The next thing I saw was an email from Gruen herself, offering to chat with our group, online, in real time.  What luck!  The discussion was thrilling; we had a best-selling author chatting with us, responding to our posts as they popped up on...
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