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Every time, I think or hear that name I feel a sense of greatness. What a strong name, befitting of the person he was born to be and the person he was at the time of his death.   This Tuesday at the Friars Club annual party as I stood with Abby Siegal and Mitch Tobol I listened as I do every year, to Mr Crowther speak of his son...I hear every syllable every heartache and every part of proudness he feels that his son exemplified during his brave actions, which saved many li...
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I have always been a Jay Z fan (Brooklyn roots) and a love of rap music.   How he handled himself in the elevator incident with his sister in law was exactly what the quote  above exemplifies.   Why doesn't anyone talk about that??!?   Ray Rice showed discipline and restraint when conquering his dream as a football player but where did that change----on one unfortunate night in an elevator open to the public and football fans around the world.  If I had to guess I'd say...
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