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Never have I ever witnessed harmony in nature like the National Park in Pointe Reyes, California with this special girl named Christie. What a treat to have toured some of the most beautiful terrain in the United States, by foot. Elk, cow, chickens, sheep, oysters, wild birds, redwoods, cyprus, eucalyptus and the ocean all co-exist together, in one environment. The early mornings felt like a cool, crisp fall day. By eleven, the weather blossomed into spring. Noon gave heat ...
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Last week, I was inspired by a Nike video showing unabashed confidence women display in sports. As a little girl, both of my parents encouraged us to take risk and rarely applied gender roles. Mom was a “burn the bra” type and Dad gave us his full support. Rarely did I question my ability to at least TRY something new. At times there were quirky stares, inquiries to my hyper-focus to career, athletics and independence, but while it caused me to pause, it certainly didn’t sto...
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When I was a young girl, I spent a lot of time with my Dad. He started his construction company when I was a wee kindergartner and I rode next to him in his pickup truck everywhere. Over time, I became the permit girl, the organizer, the excel-spreadsheet expert, employee relations, collections and Dad’s biggest confidant. Through his many lessons, the one that meant the most to him was “being a man of his word”. He would often say, “all the money and power in the world is f...
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This past week was an exciting one for me. One of my favorite sports is Connecting people with the intention of creating opportunity. It may have been a record week..... Sometimes the opportunity is to help one person advance, while other times a trifecta of wins occurs. The rush of watching a face light up with possibility creates a spark in me that carries me through the day, the week and even the year. At times, I can’t help myself. From Chicago, to New York, to Phila...
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  2 weeks ago, I circulated an email on Fredslist, looking to make a meaningful connection with Sharon Kline.   Sharon Kline is the President of Family Wealth for Wilmington Trust in New York. I could easily connect with her internally, but I thought I’d give the opportunity for an introduction to Gotham, in the BIG APPLE. Just to see what would happen…maybe test the waters.   How deep does the proverbial net--work go? NY is a big place....well, SHAZAM! I attended Susan Zind...
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  Remember when you were a little person and you’d get a scratch or boo-boo and your mom would clean it, kiss it, put a band-aid on it and the wound would simply go away in a few days? Turns out, there is something magical about this little recipe.   Recently, I learned a lesson in modern medicine. While medicine continues to make great strides in treating disease, I believe we could do a much better job in dis-ease prevention. It amazes me that our doctors quickly dispense d...
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  Have you ever been sailing in the British Virgin Islands? I’ve been preparing for a couple of months. Learning the glossary of terms these salty sailors use, is a language all on its own. If you know me, even just a little, you’re confident I’m comfortable with the proficient use of swear words. Why do terms suddenly change when one steps on a water vessel? Why does left suddenly become Port, or right become Starboard? My husband asked “have you taken care of our provision...
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  Redheads live by their own rules.   Flawed, but fearless, these creatures are always pushing the social envelope. “Gingers” understand themselves and their unique superpowers in ways very few people do. “Flame-throwers” aren’t afraid to take charge and are the persona of boss, without the bossy. BAMF. Warriors at heart.   Lilith the supposed first wife of Adam, is said to have had red hair. She was ultimately kicked out of the Garden of Eden because she refused to subordi...
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  “Stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball”.   In Caddyshack, Ty Webb, (character played by Chevy Chase), has a famous exchange with his caddy, Danny where he attempts to teach him the esoteric connection between the golfer, the club, the ball and the fairway. Feeling surefooted and grounded, Ty blindfolds his eyes, visualizes his shot and swings his club. Magically, the ball lands just two feet from the pin.   Very few things provide me with the same feeling of exh...
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  Tis' Herself: An affectionate expression in both Irish and Scottish language denoting a woman of importance, usually the Lady of the house. When I think of Ruth, I think “Tis’ Herself.”   The Notorious R.B.G.   On the Basis of Sex, Mimi Leder did a spectacular job directing the movie of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s struggles for equal rights. Her life, her accomplishments and her steady reason are supernatural, G-d inspired. Ruth’s purposeful existence and creative ideas materiali...
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