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3 days ago 5 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Picture this midwest evening.... 5 nieces and nephews, sitting in the back of my son’s pick-up truck, watching the sun go down; playing a little Kenny Chesney in the background, whilst the deep voices of the bullfrog weigh into the conversation. Sweet, right!? Evidence of a frisbee toss, badminton gone bad, and silly wiffle golf ball tosses, aimed at each other, admit our demonstration of family love and of our competitive nature with one another. Deep chats, belly laughte...
10 days ago 18 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Here we go! My one and only, amazing son and I are taking a 12 hour road trip to visit family in Illinois. Just he and I, the open road, snacks and lots of conversation. Many years ago, 19 or so, I placed my son in the backseat of my car at 9pm and drove through the night, peaking into the Chicago skyline at about 5am the next day. We arrived at Mom’s by 7am and Patrick was ready to play. The drive feels much more daunting than I remember. Jumping into the car, driving acro...
17 days ago 17 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Creating stabilization in an unstable situation, can be helpful to ourselves, our friends and family. Especially now. Placing ourselves back at the helm of life, can be difficult, but it is very important to try and reframe our thoughts. Our social situation reminds me of being tossed at sea, in the middle of a storm; wondering when, or if its going to be over. My gal pals and I were discussing the top traits that independent people share. After listing 15 people that were to...
23 days ago 8 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
I’m obsessed with my new Peloton! As soon as our power came back on, I hit the bike. The instructors are from all over the USA and the UK. Streaming from California to New York, Canada and London. I can ride LIVE, or hit a virtual trail. New friends, sending High-Fives through each intense breath. Today, my girl Robyn from Brooklyn, lined up some Lady Gaga, my girl Madonna and some songs from Rent! Positive and full of life. Each ride reminds me of how precious and enjoya...
30 days ago 7 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love." I would be remiss, if I chose not to mention the anger filling our cities and streets, manifesting itself in the form of destruction, stealing, killing, fighting and then proudly posting it across the world, on social media. Love isn't something you can put in a box, slap a fancy marketing sticker around, and sell on Amazon. It takes effort, intent, will, investment of time, planning and executing. Love is an action. A deed. A ...
38 days ago 12 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
Do you know the difference? Virtues are instilled. They are manifested by what molds and shapes us; usually character building opportunities produce virtues. Typically, virtues are taught by our parents, teachers, coaches, and the like. From the time we are wee boys and girls, these important people shape the virtues we become, from the inside out. Our values are what we claim. Words that define what we believe in social settings. They help us connect with other like-mi...
44 days ago 18 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
“Take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake” We’ve all heard that line before and felt its familiar tug, reminding us that life is better when it’s lived, fully. Trading coffee with your family, for on-time arrival to the office, or skipping the walk after lunch, to meet a deadline are familiar, as well. Choices are made many times in a day, probably a hundred times or more. In hindsight, COVID-19 will forever remind me to “take the trip, buy the shoes, and eat the cake”. ...
58 days ago 12 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
A colleague posed a question to me yesterday, looking both to express himself, and to seek connection. “Do you still have that general sense of malaise this week?” I applauded his bravery in allowing himself to exist and explore the generally unexciting place occupying his mind. Without hesitation, I encouraged him not to “fake it”, but to speak openly with clients, colleagues, friends and family. Chances are, they feel it too. Maybe even a new sense of reality that may feel ...
66 days ago 6 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
It started as a small project. My desire was to put together a gift for my son. A sweetly arranged photo album of fond memories of his first 21 years. Of course, I’ve already done his customary baby album, but I stopped at about 7 years old. When would I get the time to actually focus on this project again? Into the basement, I went. I located the bin of arranged photos, separated by age, activity, and school. I slowly unpacked the photos and began the trip down memory lane....
73 days ago 23 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:
During times of tragedy, war, famine, and pandemic, the definition of assets change overnight. Country club memberships, social status, sports, and fancy heels, sit in the closet. How can they possibly contribute in times such as this? Underneath all of the intellectual attempts to civilize people and produce impressive technological advancements, we are reminded of our human biology. For millions of years, the basic fundamental connection humans share, is to support and defe...
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