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  How well do you know your colleagues? What we do for a living, might not explain who we are as an individual.   I’m proposing for membership at The Union League and it is no easy feat. The proposal process requires work, connection, commitment and persistence. Characteristic of the American people. The process is ensuring that prospective members are the type of member The League is looking to admit. I am very hopeful I make the grade and that they let me in the front door...
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  Some of my favorite people in the world are natural born connectors. Who comes to mind? Fred Klein, Mitch Tobol, Josh Zinder, Liz Saldana, Victoria Drogin, Paul Napolitano, Shelly Simpson, Dan Hochler, Nancy Schess, Tom Gallin, Susan Zinder, Ben, Paul, Raj, Kelly…The list goes on.   My firm held its annual growth and development meeting this past week in Buffalo, New York. They hired this amazing professional speaker named Alan Stein, Jr. author of Raise your Game to speak ...
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I used to get in trouble for talking in class when I was in grade school. In high school, my German teacher gave me detention for talking too much in class. Although she said, we could talk as much as we wanted, as long as it was in German. She lied. In college, I taught aerobics and kickboxing-now I was shouting for an hour straight! Maybe talking in class is a sign of some other skill set? My son is a talker. He could talk the ears off a brass monkey. Hmmmmm.. The art of ...
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Every decade provides a new opportunity. Looking back, I recall my 20’s being about the gym, teaching aerobics, body fat percentage, climbing the instructor popularity ladder at NYSC with my “groupies” and going out to the hottest clubs. My intensity and thirst for knowledge began to grow, as I unleashed my inner geek. Nothing seemed more important than achieving these great heights. In my 30’s it was all about climbing the corporate ladder and proving I could be at the to...
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Is it me? I often inquire with my colleagues and compare stories or case scenarios. I'm curious to know if they too, have adventures daily or do I actually take extra risk? Typically, when I see a family, business or institution that has a clear need for financial managment, I put on my cape and run to the rescue. Mind reading and Extra Sensory Perception are the two super powers I rely on most. Yesterday, while supporting a new prospect at a golf outing, I came across the "b...
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I like stories. Another great day to be OUTTA the office. Last week I ventured up to a little town in northern New Jersey called Ramsey. Have you ever been? It reminded me of a northeast version of Mayberry. Small town, very walkable. Tiny shops and beautiful people strolling about. Lots of kids and the staple pizza shop, serving as a community gathering place. I was visiting a client in northern New Jersey to go over an estate planning issue that had surfaced. My primary ...
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Nothing better than spending the day with my son, Patrick. Last week my son called me complaining about his work load at school. Exhausted, he said “Mom, I just want to spend the day with you. Just you and me.” What an easy one. I cleared my schedule and we spent the day hiking at Tyler Park in Bucks, County, PA. Both of us stayed completely present. We took in nature, identified as many critters as we could and even side-stepped a snake. Two hours in the car, 3 hours hikin...
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Never have I ever witnessed harmony in nature like the National Park in Pointe Reyes, California with this special girl named Christie. What a treat to have toured some of the most beautiful terrain in the United States, by foot. Elk, cow, chickens, sheep, oysters, wild birds, redwoods, cyprus, eucalyptus and the ocean all co-exist together, in one environment. The early mornings felt like a cool, crisp fall day. By eleven, the weather blossomed into spring. Noon gave heat ...
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Last week, I was inspired by a Nike video showing unabashed confidence women display in sports. As a little girl, both of my parents encouraged us to take risk and rarely applied gender roles. Mom was a “burn the bra” type and Dad gave us his full support. Rarely did I question my ability to at least TRY something new. At times there were quirky stares, inquiries to my hyper-focus to career, athletics and independence, but while it caused me to pause, it certainly didn’t sto...
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When I was a young girl, I spent a lot of time with my Dad. He started his construction company when I was a wee kindergartner and I rode next to him in his pickup truck everywhere. Over time, I became the permit girl, the organizer, the excel-spreadsheet expert, employee relations, collections and Dad’s biggest confidant. Through his many lessons, the one that meant the most to him was “being a man of his word”. He would often say, “all the money and power in the world is f...
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