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  “Stop thinking, let things happen and be the ball”.   In Caddyshack, Ty Webb, (character played by Chevy Chase), has a famous exchange with his caddy, Danny where he attempts to teach him the esoteric connection between the golfer, the club, the ball and the fairway. Feeling surefooted and grounded, Ty blindfolds his eyes, visualizes his shot and swings his club. Magically, the ball lands just two feet from the pin.   Very few things provide me with the same feeling of exh...
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  Tis' Herself: An affectionate expression in both Irish and Scottish language denoting a woman of importance, usually the Lady of the house. When I think of Ruth, I think “Tis’ Herself.”   The Notorious R.B.G.   On the Basis of Sex, Mimi Leder did a spectacular job directing the movie of Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s struggles for equal rights. Her life, her accomplishments and her steady reason are supernatural, G-d inspired. Ruth’s purposeful existence and creative ideas materiali...
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  Who’s your Muppet?   Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology to give human traits to our non-human friends. It’s slightly different than personification.   Truly a genius literary device used by Jim Henson to provide perspective and self-observation through the Muppet characters. Kermit the frog is kind and compassionate, loyal and funny. He’s likened to...
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Often times we find ourselves disconnected from our innate ability to intuit beyond the physical, or obvious. If left unattended, the heart becomes desensitized in its design to find meaning beyond the shallow. Notice the beauty and deeper complexities of our human design. Notice behavior; a powerful form of communication of our truest thoughts and sentiment.   Lady Gaga writes:   I 'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in I'll never meet the ground Crash through the surface,...
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Philadelphia has been very good to me, both professionally and personally. It's a city of firsts. The birth place of Liberty. The first zoo. The first hospital, the first medical school. Philadelphia provided my first big job opportunity; complete with the corner office on the third floor of The Mellon Bank building. Many fabulous experiences with its arts and culture, deep historical tours and tradition of Di Bruno Brothers chicken parmesan and Tiffany's Bakery treats. Never...
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