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exploring and experiencing

exploring and experiencing
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Just concluded a week of exploration. Sort of. Marisa and Shelly explored Paris. The dad and husband visited mom in Florida. So while my daughter and wife took in The Louvre, The Musée d’Orsay, Eifel Tower and Versailles and its adjoining villas and getaway spots, between various appointments for mom, I found some time to explore where friends made their home away from home.


And checking out homes as more friends re-settle or opt to “winter” around South Florida in or proximate to Delray Beach. Mom lives there year round. I know her development well. I know the restaurants (Mom still comes up with some new each visit) and malls and hot spots. Not sure about relocation but as followers of this commentary might recall, I remain a fan of warmer climes. I prefer not to bundle up and that occurs with some regularity over several months in New York.


I like options. Some friends enjoyed stand alone homes, others villas and still others apartments, all in developments. While I enjoy a home as more that just a place to stay the night, oft times the amenities, including pools, hot tubs, tennis courts, grills, on-site cafes and theaters all come into play.


So you learn that a visit to mom does not limit you to her development’s facilities when you enjoy a slew of friends nearby. This visit I observed some of those alternatives, including first hand experiences.


My take away this time, and it fits with past forays to mom: identify a comfy base of operations where you can start and end each day, plan ahead with things to do that you enjoy. Indeed on my flight back one seatmate moved his young family from Long Island to Wellington west of West Palm Beach. While we shared some experiences each of us knew of, I found it interesting that I took in some things that he knew nothing of (yet).


The most interesting takeaway involves time and distance. Something 5 – 10 – 15 miles away in and around New York City involves heavy traffic and tense travel. Excursions of greater distance in Florida tend to involve very easy drives. The time can be the same but I for one welcome easy rides.

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