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12.06.2021 (47 days ago)

Your Village

Your Village
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It does take a village. 


I’ve been thinking lately about my own village – both the people I consider to be in mine and those who I know rely on me for theirs.  Without great surprise, there is not unexpected overlap for me in those two groups.


I define village as those people to whom you would turn to celebrate the good times and share the bad, those people who you know are there for your phone call or text and would drop whatever they had going on if you sent up an SOS, those people who think you’re funny and make you feel good about yourself.


Just like we say about Gotham and maybe because of it, I am blessed that my village is both deep and wide.  I feel grateful every day to know that my village is actually more like a small town.


You know who you are in my world.


How do you define the village in your world?

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