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Your Move
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I hope all enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day and weekend that followed with family, friends, colleagues, however it works best for you. It always involves memories and traditions, some peculiar to some celebrants. Music obviously (See last week (and of course you can still comment there as well as today).) plays a role here.


Many of us play Alice’s Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie as part of our holiday tradition; for some it may have been first associated with morning or afternoon spins by DJ’s like the late great Peter Fornatale. A few may have the LP (and still a turntable). For those who lack it electronically and/ or missed or forgot the opportunity to listen again click here or the link above. I also enjoy a second version which includes a cute 1976 story of the missing 18 minute of President Nixon’s White House tapes (skip to 17:44 if you wish). For your short-term reading pleasure consider Rolling Stone’s 2014 article on the story of the song.


This past Friday, as a friend reminded me in an email sharing a story from NPR, was the 40th Anniversary of The Last Waltz, the final concert featuring all five original members of The Band. It gets lauded as the best concert film ever; perhaps from the technical sense of Martin Scorcese directing it. I love The Band but remain unpersuaded on any application as best ever live show filmed to The Last Waltz. Some may have attended the show in San Francisco’s Winterland Theatre. Others may have attended other concerts later filmed. Woodstock? The Concert for Bengla Desh? Monterrey (Pop)? Altamount (Gimme Shelter)? The T A M I show? Another? Here’s one list.


And as Shelly reminded me: 30 years ago on the day after Thanksgiving we took possession of the abode my daughter perhaps 25 years labeled “grand junction” (after a Rusty Young penned Poco instrumental). Imagine a move after a dinner (and we hosted that dinner in our apartment in Glen Oaks.).



(Anyone note the title to this blog shares itself with a Yes song?)

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