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Would You Look?

Would You Look?
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I am currently reading a book with an interesting premise, “The Measure.” In “The Measure” everyone on the planet, who are age 22 and older, receives a box which contains a string. The length of the string directly correlates to the age at which the recipient will die.


Once the accuracy of the strings are confirmed the characters go through the expected quandary; should they look? As the reader you cannot help but experience this quandary with them.


I came to the conclusion that I would have to look. If I was a “short stringer” (as they are referred to in the book) I would want to gather my family together and travel to as much of the world as my time permitted. If I was a “long stringer,” I would know that I would have the time to experience my family and travel.


Would you want to know if you were a “short stringer” or “long stringer?”


PS Happy birthday to my daughter Sydney!!!

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