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Winter Weather
Winter Weather
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May this blog not be a jinx.

So far, this winter (in NYC) has been very tolerable weather-wise.

I don’t like heavy winter coats but the ragged coat in my closet needed to be replaced. So, I did.

I am beginning to wonder whether I’ll ever need to wear the new coat this winter.

As I walked the streets of the City recently, I saw a full range of winter clothing from sweaters and jackets to down parkas and more.

I’ll always opt for the lightest coat I can — with an appropriate scarf….and hope for an early Spring.

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  •  CarlyMeyer wrote 16 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I'm with you. Light and easy. May spring be timely.
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  •  Fred wrote 16 Days Ago (neutral) 
    My trick is a light wind breaking coat with a hood. Hood is key!
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  •  Daniel_Schwartz wrote 16 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Love the less cold weather, but I would like a least one good storm on the weekend. We miss sledding in PA...
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  •  Tessa_Marquis wrote 16 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Whether you like it or not, weather is.
    I still adhere to the NYC rule of layering. Manhattan office buildings used to be so hot that you had to peel down, and in Connecticut you are in and out of cars so hot/cold/hot/cold.
    In San Francisco yesterday and the day before we had 45 degree mornings and 57 degree daytime with the temps plunging rapidly by 4pm. Dress in layers like an onion cause Ya never know.
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  •  Rona_Gura wrote 16 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Shhhhhh. I'm flying out of JFK next Friday night for a trip we planned a year ago. Fingers crossed that this weather holds until after my plane has taken off.
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  •  Corey_Bearak wrote 16 Days Ago (positive) 
    Depending on where and how I need to travel, my cover garb varies. I recently replaced my down vest. I wear it often with either a blue Poco or black Fogerty hoodie.
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