When is it OK?

When is it OK?
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“Don’t discuss politics or religion – it's going to cause an argument - it's not all that productive, “ they say. “Don’t be controversial,” they say, “it’s bad for business and could be dangerous.”


I am on social media and do live videos regularly. I try to be thought provoking and entertaining, eschewing controversy; I even try to avoid what used to be referred to as “salty” language.  Recently I got a few “laughing” emojis when I substituted “shitake” for another term used for poop. There seems to be a high bar when it comes to language despite the low bar set for ideas. "Bad" words are often taken down – bad ideas go viral. 


And that brings me to this. When is it ok, perhaps necessary, to call out bull pucky, lies and bigotry when we see it?

When is it OK, perhaps necessary, to stand up and point out that it is not OK to support terror, rape and murder?

When is it OK, perhaps necessary, to point out that there exists an insidious enemy of freedom and Democracy in our midst?

When it is OK, perhaps necessary, to stand for something, lest we stand for nothing? 

And when it is OK and perhaps necessary to pose serious questions to address serious matters at a very serious time?


When is it OK? How do we know when it is necessary? When is it too late? 

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