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09.12.2023 (315 days ago)

When Gothamites Get Together

When Gothamites Get Together
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Did you ever notice the energy in the room when a bunch of Gothamites come together?


I have been taken recently by how comfortable and open our connections are when we are in the same room.  You can’t pass any group conversation without hearing someone say – “You might want to meet . . . “


This observation was loud and clear to me last week at our annual Golf Outing.  Just for the record, you know I really don’t golf (although I am pretty sure I had the best “game” ever with kudos to our awesome caddy). But the spirit of our organization was singing all through the day – starting with brunch and ending with dinner.


I am proud of our happy networking family and how we come together to help each other in all ways.  It makes me smile every time I see it on display.


Thank you Gotham friends for always giving to each other.  We have lots of events coming up.  I strongly encourage you to get in on the fun and connections!


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