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What Can I get You For Your Burger?

What Can I get You For Your Burger?
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Today, as we honor our fallen heroes, we also mark the first weekend of the summer. To me, the summer is all about bar-b-que. And when you think about bar-b-que, most people think about hamburgers and hot dogs.



Hamburgers seem to be having a resurgence in popularity. There are specialty hamburgers restaurants popping up everywhere, i.e. Shake Shack, Burger Fi, Five Guys etc. And the toppings people are enjoying on hamburgers have become just as noteworthy as the burger itself. It’s no longer just about ketchup.



For her birthday recently, my daughter Calli, who rarely eats red meat, requested that we take her to Snaps in Wantagh so she could have their hamburger topped with macaroni and cheese. Not used to watching her eat red meat, it was surprising to me how much she enjoyed it. Similarly, while in Las Vegas recently, my cousin ordered a peanut butter and jelly hamburger at an upscale pub. It was a hamburger topped with pimento cheese, potato chips, peanut butter and bacon jam. She said it was delicious.




How do you take your burger? Have you had any outlandish topings?


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