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Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe
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Today is Uncle Joe’s funeral. He was a few months short of his hundredth birthday.
Flo’s Uncle Joe was the superhero of the family. As Flo’s brother, Jeff, reminded his siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, without Joe, there would be no family — or none as we know it. Here’s the story:
After the War and liberation from concentration camp, Joe met Vali in a displaced persons camp in Germany. It wasn’t long before Vali told Joe about her sisters who were still in Czechoslovakia. It was up to Joe to rescue the sisters…and, he did !
So the three sisters - Vali, Lilli and Sue were reunited. Joe and his friend, Jack, were with them in Eggenfelden.
Joe married Vali and Jack married Sue (Flo’s parents).
Jack and Joe were lifelong business partners in “J & J” on Union Turnpike and Vali, Sue and Lilli were as close as sisters could ever be.
And that’s as good as any Marvel superhero comic.

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