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03.01.2020 (604 days ago)

Train Tunes

Train Tunes
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Friday's blogger's muse recently posted a playlist concerning trains.  It engendered several emails suggested other songs, including from this commentator.  It also inspired me to create a list of "train tunes" that I enjoy listerning to (So you might find omissions and can argue for them in comments.).  Unlike some of my playlists, for now it'll remain a closed list (but you never now).  Got a train song you like that I missed (or perhaps considered and passed on)?

It starts with Glendale Train and ends with See The Sky About To Rain.  A lot of Poco and several versions of the same song, not all by the same artist.

View it here.

Check it out on YouTube.

Or try it Apple Music.



P.S.  And while I was preparing this, I started to think of road songs (I compiled perhaps a prelimary list riding to dinner with meet our friends Lynn and Carlos with our friends Paul (driving) and Carol). Perhaps another blog?

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