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Top Picks At Costco

Top Picks At Costco
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As I have written, Costco has opened in my town. We find ourselves shopping more and more in Costco for our everyday items. And my shopping habits are beginning to change. For instance, I love making roasted chicken. I rarely now, if ever, cook chicken because I cannot buy a raw chicken anywhere cheaper than I can purchase one of Costco’s rotisserie chickens. And my family loves their rotisserie chickens.



A few months ago, I purchased a box of Starbucks Pikes Peak k-cups for my Keurig. I always liked Starbuck’s coffee. While at a friend’s house she offered me a k-cup of Costco brand’s, Kirkland, coffee to try. She is, admittedly, very picky, about her coffee, and told me that Kirkland coffee is very smooth. She was right. My next purchase of k-cups was Kirkland’s own.



Recently, while on a wine tour in Napa, a sommelier at an artisan vineyard explained to us that many of the smaller wineries finance the production of their artisan wines by selling a large portion of their grapes to other wineries. Specifically mentioned as a purchaser of the grapes was Kirkland. A member of our tour group-and a self-professed wine expert who purchased numerous bottles of wine during our tour each priced at several hundred dollars-joined in the conversation and said that Kirkland’s pinot noir was a pretty good wine and encouraged me to try it.



When I finish this blog, we will be going shopping at Costco where one of my purchases will be a bottle of that pinot noir. Do you have a favorite product at Costco I should try? I’m willing to try it all and report back in a ensuing blog.



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