Top 2020 shows (and more)

Top 2020 shows (and more)
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This time of the new year or at the end of the prior year I traditionally post my commentary on the top ten concerts of the year just ended. The recent post to my website covered a handful of shows. COVID19 raising its ugly head (ALWAYS) played the culprit.


I really enjoyed what I got to attend.


The last show before COVID was truly amazing. I ran into several Gothamites (Jason Greenberg, Steve Lichtenstein and Bernie Dolington) at that special Allman Brothers Band 50th Anniversary concert billed at “The Brothers.” As I posted in my review mucho video exists. Check it out. Really nice extended version of Blue Sky, my all-time fave Bros. Tune.


My first show of 2020 was the post-Glenn Frey iteration of the Eagles. Deacon Frey sang some of his Dad’s lead vocal. The extraordinary Vince Gill cover the others. No a cheap ticket but a great value for the quality and quantity of the music.


Two virtual concerts – called Back Porch Sessions” – by Richie Furay

Richie Furay, John McFee, Randy Meissner(Listen to the tune pictured above) helped me through summer and fall.


A Gotham Battle of the Bands® multi-winner, Off the Record, led by drummer and my law school classmate, Curt Arnel, rounded out the live shows.


Playlists, including two I created in 2020 also helped me get through the year. Indeed, I played Songs for the Road, over the course my drives with Shelly yesterday, the last one to check out some holiday lights at homes featured in Newsday in Valley Stream, Malverne, Elmont, West Hempstead and Garden City before getting some takeout enjoyed while watching the Knicks closing out their game v. the Pacers with a win. The interesting thing there: having played key roles in a number of political races and working for number of public officials, I “scheduled” the nine “stops” and including the viewing of other homes with holiday displays nearby each scheduled home, I not only kept to the schedule (something just nearly impossible in the political realm) but completed every stop with time to spare. Indeed, we completed the entire road trip ahead of schedule. My wife enjoyed the viewing; Shelly and I spent quality time together, and I enjoyed some great tunes along the way.


Best wishes in this new year.


It’s a Brand New Day in a brand new year in a brand new decade.


Stay Safe and looking forward to a year materially and spiritually better than what be experienced in 2020.

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