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Too Much Big Brother
Too Much Big Brother
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Coming home from dinner Saturday night, we were talking about our handheld electronics. I was reminiscing about the good old days when my blackberry was literally attached to my hip.

I loved that device. I still don’t think anything replaces the old-style Blackberry for sending emails. True, it was somewhat of a one trick pony but an efficient, sleek, well laid out pony at that.

I was curious about whether the company was still in business and so on my phone I went to the all-knowing google. Not only is it still in business, but there is a competitive device to my iPhone that has that distinctive chicklet keyboard.

Here’s my point. A few minutes later, I was catching up on Facebook and right at the top of my feed appeared an ad for the most recent Blackberry device.

That kind of knowledge about me is too much. I know that Siri listens when we talk, and so does Alexa and I don’t like those either. Simply too much intrusion for my liking.

And don’t worry. I don’t really see a Blackberry in my future.

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  •  Fred wrote 226 Days Ago (negative) 
    I never cease to be amazed when my phone tells me how many minutes to my intended destination...
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  •  Corey_Bearak wrote 226 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Google search does that and more.
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  •  Rona_Gura wrote 226 Days Ago (neutral) 
    It happens all the time to me. Anything I look up, winds up on my Facebook feed
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  •  MarilynGenoa wrote 226 Days Ago (neutral) 

    Agreed---it is both scary and disturbing.
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  •  Liz_Saldana wrote 226 Days Ago (neutral) 
    It happens to me all the time. Anything I research ends up on FaceBook, in my Google feeds and on the advertising beside my emails. I figure it just part of the price we pay for the convenience of technology. Plus I get a lot less paper advertisements via snail mail, which is fine with me.
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  •  Daniel_Schwartz wrote 226 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Google and pretty much all search engines gather information with cookies to everything you view on line. Nothing is really private. Advertisers pay big for the info and send tailor made ads almost immediately. Some stores are using facial recognition when you approach the window, it will generate an ad with discount to shop inside. So we are always being watched.
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