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01.24.2023 (5 days ago)

To Do

To Do
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I commented on Rona’s blog yesterday about the sanctity of my “to do” lists.  I started my process years ago and I have a system complete with timing.


Sunday evenings, I make my list for the upcoming week. I literally open One Note and start a new page, having the entire year to look back upon.  Across the top of the page I organize the days of the week with scheduled or tentative appointments.  Of course, it changes as the week goes on but laying it out on Sunday nights helps to keep me organized.


Next, I organize by topics -- admin work, Gotham “to dos”, personal tasks and of course the long list of client work.   I leave one spot on the page to organize “Immediates” -- my priority middle of the page real estate.


I always add a check box to each task.  That is the electronic version of crossing something off my list and it just feels good to check something completed.


Now that I have shared my system, I would be interested to hear your own approach to organizing your week.  Don’t get me wrong, my system has worked for me.  But, I think I am ready to shake it up a little.


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