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Tired but accomplished and lessons learned

Tired but accomplished and lessons learned
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Having returned late Mother’s Day night from a week long conference in Nashville, a comment made from my significant other made me stop in my tracks and realize my priorities were skewed. As I was going to bed, after getting my goodnight kiss, I cutely asked “Did you missed me at least a little bit?”. The answer, with no hesitation was, “Not really. You being out of town isn’t much different than when you are here and always in the office.”  Now he is prone to being, as I have told him numerous times, passive aggressive. But this comment was said without any humor.  Time to seriously work on changing my ways….  Therefor, I was home by 7:00 the next night to have dinner with him and will do my best to do so at least 3 nights a week.  

What comment has your significant other made to you that had you making serious changes to your ways????

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