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03.26.2017 (1764 days ago)


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Someone asked yesterday what I planned to blog on today. That person encouraged a blog about politics. I considered it and I might shared something on that when it muses me.


Today, I want to discuss a number.


A good solid number.


It means something special here – this year.


It relates not to sports though perhaps the greatest athlete ever, Jim Brown, wore it. Ditto the best lefty, Sandy Koufax. The best player I rooted for who wore the number: NY Jet Emerson Boozer. Still time for a Mets standout; a current lefty has a chance to overtake one from the ‘70s. Both share the same first two letters in their surnames.


Despite some longevity, in the life of a marriage it carries little significance in terms of milestones. Not Silver or Golden. Not Chai or Double or triple Chai. Nonetheless my partner and I passed it Friday.


Celebrated by sponsoring the Oneg following Shabbat services at our synagogue. Spent much of the next afternoon at a new car dealer – and drove away with vehicle she coveted (and ordered 20 days previously). Dined out with her dad later that evening. This afternoon expecting to laugh with some friends at a charity event. And Tuesday evening out attending a gala celebrating another milestone.


She called attention to the event with a post to Facebook that attracted some attention with then and now pics – She still looks fine.



Borrowing lyrical titles from the founder of my fave band, I posted, “Believe Me, It’s A Good Feelin’ to Know my Kind Woman, and Rachelle Bearak’s Still Fine! Happy Anniversary.”

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