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11.19.2022 (15 days ago)

The new standard in couture

The new standard in couture
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While waiting in the lobby of a movie theater, it dawned on me we have a new standard of the fashion accessory...the cell phone.


Properly held in one hand while standing anywhere, the cell phone can be covered in a variety of colors to match or contrast your outfit. The color black makes a fashion statement that is classically chic and sophisticated. 


While in public you must hold it casually as if you are displaying it to the world but remember, always keep the screen facing yourself. Never let anyone see how far you've progressed on Candy Crush or the new TikTok dance moves.


Always at the ready for a quick text or to like the latest picture of a plate of food from one of your BFFs, your cell phone is critical for the properly dressed person. 


And remember the case you choose lets you shout to the I am! 

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