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The eyes have it.

The eyes have it.
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I did not expect to follow last week’s blog welcoming the return of Mets baseball tomorrow. A Newsday article yesterday, a discussion at the Gotham Brad Scherer Happy Hour Friday eve and an email exchange with Mr. Title is Vital attorney and fellow tribal member Roy Fenichel induced today’s commentary; Roy even took the exchange to twitter after I shared my preferred Mets lineup. This column blossomed after I shared to Gotham Sportstalk listserve a nice article (to which Roy also responded) about Peter Alonso, but the sidebar about new shortstop Francisco Lindor sharing with Luis Guillorme and J.D. Davis how to throw quicker to first (base) intrigued me. I also recalled the Lindor chat with the media about his concern with analytics trumping one’s eyes; we call it feel for the game.


This commentator always stresses the facts and in sports statistics do matter; we also rely on data in the government/political spheres which intersect with my professional practice. But how one analyzes and applies that data also matters. Facts and data, aka statistics in sports tend to generate much discussion; the teams emphasize what they call analytics. In politics, voter data often fuels decisions and allocation of resources; but as my friend and sometime political campaign partner called “Handsome Tony” by Friday’s blogger, and I often emphasize, feel and instinct must play a role and can make a difference.


So this commentator concurs with the new Met. Yes, the eyes have it.


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Listen here, I know they are ready to play and I am ready to watch, and opine.

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