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The Inspiration Project
The Inspiration Project
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Today, I honor our new friend and Founder of The Inspiration Project, Mrs. Barbara Mishkin. Barbara visted our joint Gotham meeting earlier this month and she inspires me, everyday. She's a natural Gothamite.

Barbara shares:

"A professor gave a balloon to every student, who had to inflate it, write their name on it and throw it in the hallway. The professors then mixed all the balloons. The students were given 5 minutes to find their own balloon. Despite a hectic search, no one found their balloon. At that point the professors told the students to take the first balloon that they found and hand it to the person whose name was written on it. Within 5 minutes everyone had their own balloon.


The professors said to the students: “These balloons are like happiness. We will never find it if everyone is looking for their own. But if we care about other people's happiness....we'll find ours too. “~ author unknown

-Thank you to Dr. Jerry S.  who is a follower and who submitted this to The Inspiration Project."

-Barbara Mishkin

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  •  ShelleySimpson wrote 17 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Love this! The students also got a look at what networking Gotham style looks like. Thanks for posting.
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  •  Victoria_Drogin wrote 17 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Wow! LOVE this. Great exercise and great story!
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  •  Fred wrote 17 Days Ago (positive) 
    Well done!
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  •  Kelly_Welles wrote 15 Days Ago (neutral) 
    Fantastic experiential lesson for a life time. What a great take-away. Thanks for sharing. I salute Barbara Mishkin and “The Inspiration Project.”
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