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That Was Then

That Was Then
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The concept of “good old days” is a puzzlement.  What stage of life doesn’t come with challenges? I don’t want to go through my early teens again – no way! And truth be told, the 1950s were not so great. My philosophy is that the best is yet to come.


Sure, I love old movies and music; I love old cars – clothing styles from the past, however, are not my cup of matcha.


Back in the day we were limited in how we experienced the world; technology has offered an expansive view of the human experience. We can connect with people in person or not; relationships are not diminished by distance. We have access to an infinite amount of information. Sure, we are facing serious problems and yet there is an infinite potential for progress. 


I just had my second cataract surgery. Back in the day, people of a certain age just dealt with diminished vision. Aging used to mean poor vision, lost hearing and teeth in a glass.


Technological advances in medicine, and heightened awareness around healthy living allow us to add more life to our years as we add more years to our life. I cannot take credit for that line but I certainly benefit from that fact. 


Looking back is a great way to see how far we have come. It is not, however, where we are going. And for that I am grateful. What’s exciting in your future?


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