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Folks know my enjoyment of basketball.


I still play two times weekly, most often one eve and one weekend morning.


I talk basketball with my friends, mostly the pro game.


We discuss who the Knicks should keep or trade and what they need.


Strong feelings exist around certain players. Before the draft one friend suggested trading KP for a first round pick. Many want to see Mello go.


I prefer a balanced roster that plays strong D – D E F E N S E.   After all I grew up watching the unselfish Red Holzman coached teams that featured Willis Reed, the late Dave DeBusschere, Dick Barnett, Senator Bill Bradley, Cazziie Russell, Dave Stallworth, Phil Jackson, later Earl the Pearl Monroe, and of course Clyde, the great Walt Frazier.


Clyde dazzles us in the TV booth as he did on the floor.


Last month, he shared his insight and stories at a networking event hosted by the Accountants Club of America. My friend Kelly Welles, an extraordinary networker herself, invited me.


I even scored a pic with Clyde (it arrived last week). During that shoot, Clyde even humored me as we talked hoops and the state of his former and my still fave team.


Normally I’d not try to get a pic; I hate and just object to doing lines. This time I found myself with impeccable timing and sense of place as I just happened to be where the access line would form before anything got called.


Always nice to get time with one of your heroes.



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  •  Marilyn Genoa: 
    Corey, as one of the most gracious people I have met who is always trying to help others, I was delighted to awaken this morning to read about something lovely done for you and how beautifully it turned out. What a great picture and lasting memory.
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    Two well dressed men!
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  •  Art Lizza: 
    Sigh. And then we have Odell Beckham Jr. whose goal in life is to be "the highest paid player in the NFL." Not the best player. Not the one with the most Super Bowl championships. Not the one who does the most with his wealth for the community. Just the highest paid. A lofty goal indeed.
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