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09.17.2023 (279 days ago)

Squeeze those Furs

Squeeze those Furs
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Less that a week after seeing the Boss at Met Life, Shelly and I took in a co-headline bill at Radio City.  While bill that way, it was one band - Squeeze - that induced the ticket purchase.  I heard of the other band, The Psychedelic Furs, but was not even sure I knew any of its music.  That said both bands put on strong performances but when you really like a band, a co-headline tour generally means your fav plays several fewer tunes. Squeeze enjoys a really great catalogue and when you add one (Chris) Difford & (Glenn) Tilbrook LP and sever of Glenn's solo offerings, it can leave you wanting more, not matter how great the set is (see list below) and how many "deep cuts" get included.

As to the Furs, I opted not to check out the band in advance and approached their opening performance with an open mind.  That said I found was not really familiar with any tunes.  I enjoyed the energetic drummer, Zachary Alford and the Mars William on the sax.  Leader singer Richard Butler who cofounded the band with his brother Tim who plays bass, was a charismatic presence prancing about the stage. Amanda Kramer on keys and Rich Good on guitar rounded out the band.

Squeeze added personnel a few tours back which really makes for a more complete sound.  In addition to Glenn and Chris and Stephen Large on Keys and Simon Hanson (who both played in Glenn's solo band, The Fluffers), the band added Steve Smith on vocals and percussion in 2017 and Melvin Duffy on pedal steel and other guitars in 2019.  Owen Biddle joined the band to play bass in 2020.  Crowd-familiarity with Squeeze music being what it is, much of the concert become a sing-along.  I also learned that Graham Nash was a musical influence; Glenn stated such Squeeze covered his "Sleep Song."

Squeeze Setlist:

Take Me I'm Yours


Up the Junction

* Here Comes That Feeling (from Argy Bargy)

If I Didn't Love You

Slap & Tickle

Vanity Fair

Another Nail in My Heart

* Electric Trains (from Ridiculous)

Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)

Goodbye Girl

Annie Get Your Gun


Cool for Cats

Sleep Song (Graham Nash cover) 

Black Coffee in Bed (includes below) (another video of the same)

* Is That Love 

* Black Coffee in Bed (reprise)


Psychedelic Furs setlist:

Into You Like a Train

* Mr. Jones (studio version)


* You'll Be Mine (studio version)

Wrong Train

* President Gas (studio version)

The Ghost in You

In My Head

Pretty in Pink

* No Tears (studio version)

* No One (studio version)

This'll Never Be Like Love

Sister Europe


Love My Way

Heartbreak Beat


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