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Spacing out

Spacing out
982 days ago 16 comments Categories: Lifestyle Tags:Knights of Pythias, basketball, swimming, yard work, yard waste

Something that you learn more by observation than doing. Spacing out certain hard – aka physical – work. I still enjoy tending to my yard. Do not mind the exercise; though alternative exercise activities such as basketball or swimming I certainly enjoy why “playing.” This weekend – due to the famed midwinter recess closing the gym (in my boyhood elementary school) that my Knights of Pythias lodge rents, if the weather permitted – it did – I knew yard work would occur.


Not much remained; just crawling under my deck with a rake to clear what leaves remained (It barely filled the yard waste container provided by the City.) and a bit more branches to prune and break up. Oh and then there was just a bit of sweeping or leaves and twigs along the patio installed last fall by my friend (and Gotham Towers member) Jan Arden’s Family Home Improvement team.


It all looks nice but I suspect at minimum two to three months before outdoor “occupation” (intentional choice of words because I set up an outdoor office on the deck) resumes.


All in all I remain glad a nice day coincided with the lack of the basketball gym essentially completing any more significant yard work.


And if any upcoming morning starts nice enough outside, I may grab a morning coffee and reading outside, warm (Poco) hoodie (of course) at the ready.

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