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Sopranos Fans-Interested in the Prequel or Hoping for a Sequel?

Sopranos Fans-Interested in the Prequel or Hoping for a Sequel?
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The Sopranos took the country by Storm in 1999 and left with a giant Question in 2007.


I was hooked and every Sunday was a must watch.  HBO subscriptions went through the roof.  Talking about the episodes on Mondays with co workers, family, and friends became a routine.  Even radio hosts took calls about the previous nights’ escapades and mysteries.


And, now 14 years later, The Many Saints on Newark, premiered in theaters and HBO Max last Friday.  It is a cinematic prequel that examines the Soprano family and their associates in the 60’s and 70’s.  I was looking forward to seeing it, even though, the bar was set very high.  The characters of the original series seemed to be perfectly cast and the stories intertwined aspects of family, crime, and politics in a unique and fresh way.


The prequel hit some of the traditional features of the Sopranos well.  The handling of violence and anger seemed perfect.  The scenes of family interaction and some of the casting decisions were disappointing.  But, it was still a good way to spend an evening.  And, when the familiar theme song “Got Yourself a Gun” came on at the end (sorry for the mini-spoiler), I was singing and clapping along.


Will you watch the Prequel or hope for a Sequel?

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