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09.26.2023 (301 days ago)

Sing a Song

Sing a Song
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I was reminded the other day how often my family just breaks into song.

We always have, and most often really ridiculous silly songs sometimes even made up – or, in the alternative a good old fashioned show tune.


I grew up on show tunes.  We were a big musical family (we still are).  I woke up every Saturday morning to my dad playing his favorite musical score on one of those vinyl albums carefully snuggled in his Victrola.  [How badly have I dated myself?]


So, it was not really a surprise when the man that I married was also a show tune fan – and to my surprise, he knew a whole host of scores that I had never heard.  We were a match made in heaven – or Broadway.


And then we had children and on and on.


I say – pick your favorite song and sing out loud.  It doesn’t matter who may hear you or chime in.  It just feels good.

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