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12.14.2016 (1816 days ago)

Seeing Red

Seeing Red
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Gotham is abundant with wonderful, meaningful opportunities.

Yesterday, the Gotham Book Club® hosted Tom Rinaldi, author of The Red Bandanna.

Its the story of Welles Remy Crowther, son of our very own Jefferson Crowther and wife, Alison. They were both in attendance. I can't recommend this book more highly, especially the audio version, which is read by Tom, the author. It is a story of how Clark Kent became Superman. It is a story of Miracles. Coincidences. Hope.

Red Bandanna cover


In addition to being in the prescence of these great people and hearing their stories first hand, we had Lezlee Peterzell sing her original song, One Red Bandana, LIVE for all of us. (Listen here.)


The icing on this incredible cake was when Friar Arnold Penner (Fred invited) who on the spot without any fanfare, donated $10,000, then upped it to $20,000(!!!), when he realized that scholarships awarded by the Welles Remy Crowther Trust were given to both young men and women. You can donate too.


What would you do with the last hour of your life?

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