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04.24.2016 (2261 days ago)

Seder by visit

Seder by visit
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We did not host this year.  We always hosted; tradition of sorts, and not just for Passover.

Noneless, we joined my good friend Joshua for the seder he hosted with his wife Linda; I found myself rather relaxed with no carving and other related duties; we enjoyed the company and the food.

The next night we joined my mom in a restaurant for a 2nd night seder, more than 200 dined, an amalgam of families and friends who knew not those at adjoining tables.

I enjoyed playing the role of visitor and those with any inkling of my past week probably agree it made so much more sense this time.

So if you participated in a seder or two this year, did you host or visit?

And if you never participated let us know here to induce someone to invite you next time.

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