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01.13.2016 (2363 days ago)


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I am searching for a new home.

No, not a new apartment, a new Gotham home. My former home, the lovely Commerce group, had to fade away.

So now I'm on the search. I asked Fred what his favorite group was. You know what he said.

Monday I visited the MAD (Make A Difference) group, thanks to the encouragement of the wonderful Sonia Saleh ( What a great and interesting bunch of networkers, fresh fish, new members and established members all interacting like old friends, which, I guess, they are. They did make it clear that you don't have to like EVERYone...

Now I'm beginning to wonder, are ALL the groups great?

Is this a truly win-win situation where I cannot make a wrong decision?

Those that go outside the Friar's Club nest, is the food really better?

Should I join a Dinner Group? A Breakfast group?

I am continuing my quest, but not for too long, the time flies by and I'm eager to settle in.

What makes your group the one to join?


We are our choices. -Jean Paul Sartre

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