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I generally know the topic of a blog in advance and, today, I expected to urge folks to apply and/or encourage others to apply for the Gotham Green Awards®. Circumstances changed and how. Between dinner and dessert Friday eve, I learned that we lost a veritable national treasure — Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Ruth Bader Ginsburg – “a jurist of historic stature,” according to Chief Justice John Roberts.


This distinguished American of humble Brooklyn, New York origins evolved into an icon cherished by her colleagues, including those with whom she disagreed on matters of the law. Witness her celebrated friendship with the late Justice Antonin Scalia.


I recall no other public figure, particularly a Justice of our nation’s highest court who received pop icon status as the Notorious RBG.


Think about the glass ceilings she overcame.


Despite glowing recommendation the then distinguished Harvard law review editor got passed over for clerkship by a Supreme Court Justice (She later finished her studies at a Columbia).


A role model for so many, I’ll not try to recreate an obituary here (Read the homages by Linda Greenhouse and Maggie Haberman and Peter Baker in yesterday’s New York Times.).


Just let’s know we lost the true Wonderwoman.

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