Rock and more rock

Rock and more rock
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Last week I needed to prefile my blog. Simple reason. A flight from Edinburgh, Scotland to JFK. One might call it a classical trip. It involved an awful lot of rock.


My daughter and I landed a week ago Monday and promptly visited two castles, Hampton Court and Windsor.


Tuesday involved the musical variety: a classic rock/ Beatles tour (See pic at left) and a Squeeze concert at the most beautiful venue I ever took in a show, Royal Albert Hall.  Of course on way way to the tour, we hit Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.


We trained to Salisbury on Wednesday for Stonehedge.


Halloween involved two train rides; first stop York with its long history including as a center for Vikings; second and final stop, Newcastle.


There we took a personal tour (highly recommended) with Peter Irvine, owner of Newcastle City Tours, of Hadrian’s Wall sites in and outside the site, including Vindolanda, a fascinating Roman fort, settlement and museum lying just to the south of Hadrian’s Wall.


Last stop, again via train, to Edinburgh, its castle and finally our last lodging for the flight home Sunday morning (arriving Sunday afternoon). Thank you Gotham’s Laura Avital who arranged our flights and lodging.




Because some may ask, here’s Squeeze’s setlist.


1- Footprints

2- Big Beng

3- Hourglass

4- Pulling Mussels (From the Shell)

5- Up the Junction

6- King George Street

7- Mumbo Jumbo

8- Cradle to the Grave

9- The Day I Get Home

10- Someone Else's Heart

11- Is That Love

12- Third Rail

13- Please Be Upstanding

14- In Quintessence

15- Slap and Tickle

16- Labelled With Love

17- Love's Crashing Waves 
(Difford & Tilbrook cover)

18- Tempted

19- Cool for Cats

20- Another Nail in My Heart

21- Goodbye Girl

22- Annie Get Your Gun


23- Take Me I'm Yours

24- Black Coffee in Bed

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