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Relax and Smell the Coffee

Relax and Smell the Coffee
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I recently visited Italy. We had elected, while we were there, to take a food tour with a local guide. I always enjoy these experiences because you generally get a real insight into the country’s culture.


When the guide confirmed with us the night before the tour, she told us not to eat breakfast as that would be our first stop. When we met up with her she told us that she was going to take us first to her favorite bar. Given her comments the night before, and the fact that it was only 9:30 am, that statement shocked us. When we reached our destination, we were happy to see that her “favorite bar,” was what we would call a coffee shop.


Even though it was already 9:30 the place was clearly packed with working and professional people. It also seemed to be all native Italians relaxing, enjoying their cappuccinos and espressos and socializing.


Over our cappuccinos (which was definitely the best I ever had), I questioned our guide as to why all the people were still there and not at work. She said that they will get to work, when they are finished with their breakfast. I was surprised by her seemingly relaxed attitude towards getting to work. I then explained to her that I generally drink my coffee and eat breakfast in the car as I rush to work in the morning.


She looked at me very surprised and asked me why I don’t take the time to relax and enjoy my food and coffee. I really did not have an answer for her, other than this has been my habit for years. She giggled and said that I should perhaps try it the Italian way, take some time to enjoy and appreciate my meal.


Since then I have tried to give myself some time to relax and enjoy my meals. But it is difficult to do when you’re worrying about the next six things you have to get done at work etc.


Do you take the time to enjoy your breakfast? Do you even eat breakfast?

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