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Ready for use

Ready for use
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At the last Gotham “Happy Hour” over Zoom, I opted not to use one of my Gotham backgrounds (Of late, I generally used the Citi Field Scoreboard announcing “Gotham Networking”.). I used the trees in my yard background that reflect what folks saw last year when I participated in Zooms from my “outside office.” Indeed some at Happy Hour suggested I was in fact outside. Not yet. But soon I hope.


With a new MacBook, and the ability to use backgrounds of my choice, I decided to set up my “outside office” facing the yard, including the now two large trees I planted nearly three decades and more. 


This year the “prep” got made easy. Shelly arranged for the power-washing of the deck and all I needed to do was deploy the chairs, cushions and umbrellas, and the outside electronics setup. The setup features a new stand for the external monitor and a better cover for the entire setup on the table.


While not yet warm enough to use the setup, it is ready and it’d be wonderful if the weather allows me to enjoy its benefits. Maybe I’ll be enjoying my morning coffee there when Gotham’s webmaster posts the setup of this commentary.

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