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06.11.2024 (11 days ago)

Paying it Forward

Paying it Forward
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I carry a small card case that doubles as a wallet.  It comes in handy.


One day recently as I was busily departing my LIRR train, I couldn’t find the case.  I was doing the standard – check one last time for everything important – departure dance but couldn’t find it.


It was distinctly possible, I concluded, that the wallet was on my desk and so, I wasn’t frantic although admittedly, I was anxious.  I asked Matt (my assistant who so many of you know) to check my desk in the morning.


Off I went to run a few errands and then head home. As I opened my garage door on my driveway, a gentleman approached, clearly to hand me something.  He had a really nice smile and quickly explained. 


He had found my card case/wallet on the LIRR and tried to give it to the conductor who was not comfortable taking it. So, this lovely person got off at his regular stop – at least 30 minutes east of my house – got into his car and drove to me.


This man’s name was Eric, coincidentally, my son’s name too.


I was so taken with this act of kindness.  Eric could have just gone home.  He could have dropped the wallet at lost and found the next day, and still have been my hero.  But, he was worried that I was stressed out – and he didn’t even know me.


The best gift one person can give another is an act of kindness.  I will be sure to pay it forward. 


Thank you, Eric --not my son -- and I hope you somehow read my blog.

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