03.12.2020 (28 Days Ago)
Palms Together
Palms Together
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I commented on Nancy’s blog on Tuesday about handshakes (and other forms of greeting) by recounting a recent meeting where the attendees waved to each other.

Since then I have had a recurring image of the late poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen and his gesture of greeting and acknowledgement: palms together and a slight bow…. a simple, yet very meaningful, gesture.

We are all in the current health crisis together. Be mindful that, as we seek to protect ourselves individually, we are dependent on others, communally, to not put us in jeopardy.

May I suggest….Palms together with a slight bow and an acknowledgment of the others…

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  •  Fred wrote 28 Days Ago (negative) 
    Yet last night I saw folks vigorously hand shaking...
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  •  Amparo_Connors wrote 27 Days Ago (neutral) 
    I interviewed a candidate yesterday, used antibacterial just before I greeted her; told her I had done so before I shook her hand. She seemed ok with this, and shook my hand back but later I questioned my own decision....should I shake hands when I interview people? Don't know what is the best course of action, the palms together slight bow sounds prudent and professional for networking...still for an interview?
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