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02.11.2019 (987 days ago)

On A Stopped Train

On A Stopped Train
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There was a crowd on the platform but the train was sitting in the station with the doors open. It was obvious that something was going on inside one of the cars since handfuls of MTA workers were hovering inside and around. No one seemed particularly anxious but something bad was going down.



Soon, we learned that there was a passenger on the train in need of assistance. A woman was passed out on the bench and was clearly in distress. One irate New Yorker on the platform with the rest of us decided to push through the crowd and onto the stopped car to confront the MTA workers. You see, he was angry at the way the MTA was handling the delay and decided to voice his anger right there in the moment.



One MTA employee clearly disturbed by this passenger turned to him and said, “Can’t you see she’s in trouble? Look at her black eye?” He responded in a tone of disgust, “I’m late for work.”



I much prefer recounting the every day stories where New Yorkers show their strength, good will and caring for each other. I am always on the outlook for those and usually, New Yorkers don’t disappoint. But this New Yorker sure disappointed today.


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