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03.14.2023 (349 days ago)


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Is anyone out there in Gotham land just a little frustrated with their LIRR commute (like me)?  I think I’m lucky – and even I am complaining.


For years, our office was on the east side and I watched as construction tore up the streets to bring a shiny new terminal for the LIRR within just a few blocks of my office.  Fast forward, and as if timed for our move, just a few months after my office moved away from the east side, lo and behold, the LIRR opened at Grand Central.


Every day is now a continuing adventure.  Each train is packed with often lots of people standing.  Did I mention that there are fewer cars on each train now too?  Not to mention . . . the new schedule took away a number of my favorite trains and moved every single other.


Oh please, will this get better anytime soon?


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