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11.15.2022 (75 days ago)

No Place to Sit

No Place to Sit
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Has anyone been to Penn Station lately?


It is shaping up to be beautiful – bright, high ceilings and more.  But have you had occasion to get there early and want to sit to wait for your train?  Apparently, that is not in the cards.


Last Saturday night we took the LIRR on the later side in the evening, but we were early.  The main waiting room was closed.  NJ Transit wouldn’t let us sit without a ticket.  Same at Amtrak.  We wandered our way to the far end of the station, to the Moynihan Train Hall.  Again, beautiful – but the waiting room was closed there too.  The Food Hall, however, was open and so we finally found someplace to sit for a few minutes.


By the time we found a place to sit, guess what? It was time to get up to catch our train.


Looking forward to a finished Penn Station.


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