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Neptune Motel

Neptune Motel
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A few weeks ago, my sister gave me an old little picture viewer - the souvenir photo that you hold to the light (Catskill hotels, vintage a long time ago). It was a picture of me, my brother and father on a pool deck with the ocean behind us. It was in the fifties. I must have been about eight. It was the Neptune Motel in Miami Beach.
We were in Miami Beach last weekend and I wondered about the Neptune Motel. I was certain that it was long gone and replaced. I wondered where it was.
Google. That powerful source for all curiosities. I searched. There were several namesakes but no reference to the original.
But then, down in the search, there was a vintage postcard dealer showing a postcard from the Neptune Motel and Resort in Miami Beach.
Just as I remember it. And the postcard showed the pool deck …. with the same umbrellas as in the background behind me, my brother and father.

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