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06.06.2023 (108 days ago)

My iPhone is Watching

My iPhone is Watching
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It’s a little creepy.  My iPhone tells me, how far I walked, how long I slept, how many hours I spent on the iPhone, and then compares my usage to other weeks.  Once that data is in that little device, I know that I am not the only one to know.


I am convinced that Facebook hears me talking.  Sometimes I think it hears me thinking.  I may not even say something out loud, and then there it is in my feed.  I am so careful now not to “click” or my feed is full based on a momentary curiosity.  Last week I made the mistake of clicking on an ad about Tiny Homes out of sheer curiosity.  Before I could stop myself, that click was live – and now I’m pretty sure I have seen every design of Tiny Home imaginable.


Like I said, it’s a little creepy.


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