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10.05.2016 (1842 days ago)

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My Feed
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It's no surprise that everything around us, effects us.

I've found this to be increasingly evident in my Facebook feed.

Like a garden it needs frequent weeding.

Or, since I'm a filmmaker, it needs good editing.


The hostility this election cycle has revealed is quite upsetting to me.

I know logically that there is so much more hope and joy in the world than can be

found in the nightly news, the front page of the newspaper or my old Facebook feed.

For me, there is nothing to be gained by reading posts about how awful someone is, even when it's really really clever. I prefer to read and see posts of hope, joy, support and the occasional cat video.

And I love that we can decide who gets to show up.

The unfollow and the dreaded unfriend are great tools to me.

Who's in your diet?


Show me your garden and I shall tell you what you are.- Alfred Austin

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  •  Ellyn Finkelstein: 
    Yes, canine and horse video's too!
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  •  Corey Bearak: 
    As with Gotham my social media is business social or social business (I'll let Nancy decide which comes first!). I do know one can weed out things by what we like, comment, post and allow on our timeline. I do not curate but I know I miss a lot of things from friends that seem to show up in Shelly's feed; she maintains a smaller universe of Friends (and family).
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  •  Liz Saldana: 
    Except for an occasional flying monkey dispatch, my posts are safe to read. :)
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  •  Fred Klein: 
    Canine video too!
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