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My Eating Quirks

My Eating Quirks
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What sort of eater are you? I think my husband would say I am a quirky  eater. For instance, I love raw carrots and eat them by the handful all day long. But I will never go near a cooked carrot, no matter how lightly cooked it may be.



My eating quirkiness extends to watermelon. I love fresh watermelon. But I intensely dislike anything that is watermelon flavored, such as Jolly Ranchers candy. When she was very young, my daughter used to love to pretend to give me a cherry flavored candy when it was, in fact, watermelon. She found my clear dislike for the candy very funny. Obviously, after the first time she did it I caught onto her game but she enjoyed doing it so much, I feigned ignorance every time she did it.


What are your eating likes or dislikes?



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