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Musha's Messages of Inspiration

Musha's Messages of Inspiration
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 A little introduction is necessary...

Musha is our rescue dog.

Musha is black and large.

Musha is a Staffordshire Terrier (aka pit bull).

However, Musha does not let stereotypes rule his world.

In the coming weeks you will all be introduced more to Musha's journey with us because I believe Musha has a great story, with wonderful lessons that we could all benefit from. 

As a matter of fact, I have had many people exclaim..."I want to come back as your dog in my next life!"

But for today, we will start with the following: 

  • Greet everyone with exuberance, as if they are your best friend;
  • Eat when you need to;
  • Sleep when it's necessary;
  • Kiss the cheek of your best friend everyday;
  • Cuddle on the couch with your partner in life;
  • Take vacations with zeal;
  • Never believe the negatives that other's try to pin on you;

But the most important lesson of all from Musha for today is.......BE LOYAL!


Be like Musha...


Stay tuned for more Musha inspiration!

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There is nothing like a dog. Here is some of their wisdom we can learn from.

Posted By : Susan Schoenberg

Dog wisdom we can learn from.

Posted By : Susan Schoenberg