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04.23.2022 (722 days ago)

More space needed?

More space needed?
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Driving around, as I enjoy, I noticed new construction at a couple of locations. Very large buildings were being erected with no indications of what they were going to be. Maybe an office building? But no, there's a glut of office space now with everyone still working from home. Maybe a large community center? Library?


Well, I was wrong on all guesses. Both of these buildings turned into these huge storage facilities for consumers. We humans seem to collect stuff. So much stuff we need extra places to store it. What does that say about us?


George Carlin did an excellent routine on this. Click here to watch (it's only 5 minutes)


Looking around my house I can understand that. I have stuff in every corner. Rather than renting more space to store my extra stuff I really don't need, I think it's time to purge. Kind of a cleanse for my house. Maybe the war torn people in Ukraine would need some of my stuff.

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